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Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

The first step in successful amplification is coming to terms with your hearing loss. Like many people, you may feel that you hear “well enough”, that you hear “what you want to hear”; you may even feel your hearing loss “isn’t bad enough to wear hearing aids or “hearing aids will make me look old.” Hearing loss in most cases is a slow and very gradual process such that you may not notice how much you are actually not hearing the world around you. Generally, not only do the people around you compensate by speaking louder or repeating themselves, but your brain adapts to the loss making it appear to you that everything is normal. You truly don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t hear it.

“Hearing aids will make me look and feel old!” Hearing aids are NOT age dependent. While it is true that most hearing aid wearers are over the age of 60, but there are many children who start wearing hearing aids by the age of 6 months or younger.

Hearing aids don’t make anyone look or feel “old”. However, what CAN cause undue embarrassment and social withdrawal is having to ask people to repeat themselves, answering questions or responding to conversations incorrectly due to inadequate hearing, having the volume of the TV or radio on so loud that it’s uncomfortable for others to be in the same room or house with you, or sitting like a stump on a log because you can’t follow the conversation at group gatherings.

“My hearing loss isn’t bad enough to wear hearing aids.” Hearing loss at any age can make you feel more tired at the end of the day because you have to constantly strain to hear or have to concentrate more to follow the conversation. Just as one does not wait to become legally blind before using corrective glasses or lenses, neither should one need to be totally deaf to use hearing aids! Hearing aids can make activities of daily living more functional and less stressful AND its use can help prevent further damage or deterioration of the hearing nerve.

“Hearing aids cost too much!” Hearing aids range in pricing from $1100 to $3000 per instrument depending on the level or sophistication of the circuitry. This averages out to be approximately 60¢ - $1.64 per day over a 5 year period. The average life span of today’s circuitry is about 5 years. That’s less than $2.00 per day for the most advanced digital hearing aid….certainly an inexpensive price to pay to obtain better hearing and maintain the health of your hearing nerve!

More About Hearing Aids

Our Equipment

Yearly calibrations are performed on all our test equipments. Audiometric (hearing) examinations are performed in a sound treated booth using the GSI 16 Audiometer with insert earphones for better test results, GSI 33 Middle Ear Analyzer and Otodynamics Otoport – Clinical for Otoacoustic Emissions Testing on infants, children and adults.

The SCAN C – 3 software is used to evaluate Auditory Processing Disorder in children.

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